Products and Services

Complete Website Service

We can create a customized web presence for your business, organization or personal use through either:

  • Traditional HTML page creation tools, or by using a Content Management System (CMS) such as Drupal, Wordpress or Joomla.

Generally speaking, simple informational sites or limited use (event) sites can be put together quite quickly and economically with the normal website construction tools of HTML/CSS/JavaScript.  On the other hand, ecommerce sites, blogs, membership sites or more complicated informational sites with changing content generally benefit from using a data base supported CMS.

Again, we do both.  For Content Management Systems we use both Drupal and Wordpress. Because of their modular nature we can draw from literally thousands of modules to ‘snap in’ the specific capabilities you want.

So if you need a ready to go ecommerce site for your home business, complete with PayPal or credit card processing, we can set that up for you.  If you need an informational membership site complete with calendar, blog, and discussion forums, that too can be easily and economically set up.


Web Site Redesign

One of our specialties is refreshing existing sites.  This can take several forms.

  • New ‘Look and Feel’ – Perhaps you already have the content and structure that you want, but the site was created several years ago and now looks ‘dated’.  By porting the site to an environment that supports ‘Themes’ the site can not only be given a more modern look now, but it can easily be changed in the future.  Many sites now use seasonal themes because changing themes is usually very quick and easy.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – If the layout and design of your site is hurting rather than helping you show up higher in Google, Bing or Yahoo search pages, then we can help by first evaluating your site for useful SEO changes, and then implementing those changes.
  • Easier Site Maintenance – Are you currently paying for every minor change to your site content.  Do you sometimes ignore minor changes that you would like to make because it’s not worth the cost.  We can give you direct web access to your sites content, allowing you to make those changes, but without requiring you to know anything about HTML or web design.
  • Site Navigation – Many older sites were created using ‘slices’ of large static images for navigation buttons. This was easy for the original designer, but made changing the site navigation nearly impossible.  We can also create top, bottom or sidebar flyout multilevel accordion menus.


Web Site Maintenance

If you don’t know anything about maintaining a web site, including finding a host, creating and renewing a domain name, keeping up with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), backups, security from hackers, setting up associated email accounts, email auto responders, links to your business


Facebook account, etc… or even if you know a great deal about all of these things, but you’re time is better spent running your business or having a life separate from your business, then we can take on those responsibilities for you.  This can be done either through a monthly maintenance contract or at an hourly rate or a combination of the two.


Web Site Hosting:

We offer hosting for your website on our own servers at a very reasonable rate.  This includes your own control panel for direct access to your account features including email account setup, file manager, ftp account setup, backups and so on. 



We offer training in several areas of web site development and deployment, especially in the area of Drupal site development.  This training is supplemented with access to our library of training videos.


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