John's Blog

How we approach our business

Creating and maintaining a business is a difficult, but rewarding undertaking. The chance to serve and enrich the lives of others while supporting yourself and those who depend upon you is both a challenge and a blessing. Everything, from the tiniest insects under our feet to the universe of galaxies above our heads, all must 'eat' to nourish themselves, and all become 'food' for something else in turn.  This doctrine of 'Reciprocal Maintenance' applies to the business world as well, and it is our guiding principle here at Wichita Webmaster. 

Together, my brother and I have been on this planet for roughly 128 years. We haven't learned every lesson presented to us, but we have learned a little about how to patiently work with others toward a common aim.  We bring that hard won knowledge to our clients in a creative partnership for the benefit of all.